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Par FREDERIC ARBID, publié le lundi 22 août 2022 15:42 - Mis à jour le lundi 22 août 2022 15:42
The European section class had a second virtual meeting last week with our partners in BANGLADESH. Topic of the discussion : Climate change adaptation.

Hello everyone, we are students in première and we are members of the european section in our highschool Philibert Delorme. We are going to present you our project organised by the NGO FRIENDSHIP and the UNITEDSCHOOLS Network with students of BANGLADESH.

First of all, we worked on BANGLADESH and the consequences of global warming on this country and its inhabitants. We did the same with FRANCE. The impacts of global warming are therefore different, Bangladesh is threatened by the rising of sea level due to the melting of glaciers in the world. This will have an impact on the population who are already beginning to flee this phenomenon.

After carrying out this research, we were able to get in touch with two schools in Bangladesh during a video conference, we discussed various subjects such as global warming and its effects on our countries or our daily life and tradition/culture. It was very interesting to talk with students in a country far from ours. The bangladeshi are very friendly and it was pleasant to exchange with them. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time so that’s why we had a second meeting with them on thursday, may 19th.

Here are some feedbacks about this second virtual meeting :

"The meeting was interesting and it was great to hear their versions of what are the impacts of climate change and their solutions.
And next time we will try to participate more !"    Tessy

" I really enjoyed the meeting with the Bangladesh habitants. I was very shy at first but when I talked the first time, I was less stressed and interacted more with them. There were very friendly and this meeting helped me to upgrade my English compétences in oral theme."     Robin

"Like the first time I really liked the video conference for the simple fact that we were communicating with people from an other country. It was a great experience. And it allows students like us to increase our English, especially orally."         Shana

"It was a great meeting. It was good to see other people from other countries, and sometimes it is shocking to see how affected are Bangladesh inhabitants by global warming. Anyway, it was a great experience."         Baptiste

"I've loved the meeting about the climat and the global warming, because our partners were really implicated in the meeting.
That was a pretty nice time I hope we can do it again about another theme"               Laurine

'' An interesting experience with our partners always enthusiastic and which allow us to know more about climate change impact in the world! ''     Léonie

"Even if I was shy and I didn't dare to speak much, I really enjoyed this exchange with our friends from Bangladesh. I think it is a great experience that few people have the chance to have, I thank again everyone, and their work, to have offered us this memory!"       Océane